´´ A propitious moment for decision or action ´´

                                        κ α ι ρ ό ς

I am a photographer working in Bergen, Norway . My focus is mainly on stillphotography , but on some occasions I can do motion photography as well . Kairos is a trademark that I operate under, and explains my current philosophy in my photography. I do concert, documentary, still life, product and portraiture, but I also like to explore other stuff in the art as well. I am for the moment a freelancer, - if you like my work and want to do work with me please follow the contact information below and lets have a talk . ;) 

Imago Lightbox

Kråvasslia 28B

5134 Flaktveit


Tel.no : 

           +47 414 73 861             (pricing and sales)

+47 412 44 985             (production)

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